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From Our Community: Francine & Stanley Goldstein's Visit to Israel


Highland residents Francine and Stanley Goldstein shared this letter with me on their recent trip to Israel, and I thought it was so interesting I wanted share it with the rest of the community!


Our Visit to Israel

Francine and Stanley Goldstein

We recently made a long awaited trip to Israel with Rabbi Meyer of Temple Emanu-el in Marblehead. Wow! It was amazing!

We have all read about the struggles that Israel faces. With unfriendly neighbors as close to them as we are to Boston, one would imagine that Israelis' daily lives are unsettled and in turmoil. That, though is not what we experienced. What was most remarkable about this tiny country was the vibrancy of its people. To us, they seemed to be not a people who dwell on the dangers, but rather a people who look to the future, invested in making their country a leader in so many fields, including medical research and technology. The young people are upbeat, looking to a peaceful and enjoying life. They didn't appear to us to be very different than our young people in the US.

Not knowing (but hoping!) whether we will ever get back to Israel, we tried to see it all on our trip. So, we traveled from the Lebanese border in the north to the Gulf of Aqaba in the south, from the Dead Sea in the east to the Mediterranean in the west. We admired the antiquities that can only be found in the cradle of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. We floated on the Dead Sea and ascended Masada. We stayed in beautiful hotels as well as rustic kibbutzim. We lunched in a Bedouin tent, cooked with a Druze family and met with authors and journalists. We visited museums, churches, synagogues, and memorials. It was exhausting but wonderful!

Our trip was a trip of a lifetime, but there is truly no place like home. There was nothing better than coming home to our beautiful community of Highland Condominiums. It felt so good to step inside our home, in spite to the mountains of snow outside. What a comforting feeling it was while we were away to know that, with all that was happening here in Salem, our community was looked after and taken care of by our Board of Trustees and, of course, Cyndy. Many thanks to everyone, especially Cyndy, who checked on our unit during the worst of the snow to make sure everything was fine...and it was!

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